Hermitage Dwellers
Hermitage Dwellers


Edwin Trommelen and Paul Enkelaar
40 min., 2001, rus.




2011, 1 june, Moscow

2010, 8 april, Saint-Petersburg


Back to the Camp tells the amazing story of a Dutch girl - Danielle - who was arrested by customs in Moscow in July 1995 carrying two kilos of Colombian cocaine. The twenty year old is sentenced to six years of hard labour prison. In this film the documentary makers return to the camp with her, one year after her release. It is a gloomy trip into the modern and forgotten world of Gulag convict workers.
The story of Danielles Russian nightmare however has a surprising twist as love wins out in the end.


About the film:

De film is niet vertoond op festivals. Wel heeft ook Canvas (Belgie) hem in 2003 uitgezonden.


Алена ван дер Хорст

About the directors:

Edwin Trommelen (1963) studied Russian Language and Literature and Paul Enkelaar (1964) studied political sciences. Together they made three films: Back to the Camp, Farewell to the Trading Floor and Mordovia. At Home They Wait for You. Both work as free lance directors and producers in Amsterdam. Trommelen is also active as researcher and translator. This year his book Davay! The Russians and their vodka will be published.





Hermitage Dwellers Hermitage Dwellers

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