Hermitage Dwellers
Hermitage Dwellers


Directior: Jessica Gorter
production company Filimon Film
31 min., Russian dialogue, English subtitles


Filimon Film


2011, 1 june, Moscow



17 october, Perm

18 april, Saint-Petersburg

16 april, Saint-Petersburg


Short poetical documentary that portrays one day in the life of a Volga ferryman. For more than 16 years he has been pulling his ferry across the river by hand, just like his father before him. Without leaving the old wooden boat, the camera pictures "Uncle Sascha" and some of the local villagers in an atmosphere both of rural timelessness and of Russian reality today.


About the film:

The film premiered at the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht in 1998, won the Prix RTBF at the 'Festival Vidéo Ličge International' and was broadcasted by the Dutch and Belgian tv-stations VPRO and RTBF.


Алена ван дер Хорст

About the director:

Jessica Gorter studied documentary and editing at the Dutch Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam. Since then she has worked as an independent filmmaker focusing on post-soviet Russia. She founded her own production company Filimon Film and directed, produced and shot several documentaries among which 'Piter' (2004), 'No Goods Today' (2002) and 'Ferryman across the Volga' (1998). For the theatre performance ‘Quarantaine’ (2007) she made a series of portraits of survivors of the siege of Leningrad.
She also directed tv-programs for Dutch television (Human, VPRO) and worked as an editor for various documentaries.





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