Hermitage Dwellers
Hermitage Dwellers


Director: Andre Schreuders
60 min., 2007, rus.



17 october, Perm

17 april, Saint-Petersburg


Alec Kopyt, a musician from Amsterdam returns to Moldavanka - the former Jewish neighbourhood of Odessa - his place of birth and the cradle of old-time Russian Mafia songs (Blatnyak). He is looking for musicians to play together these songs in the restaurant of an old friend. While strolling along the picturesque yards of the ruinous slums, we meet colourful Odesits who resemble the ancient heroes of the street songs we hear. A touching portrait of a neighbourhood, its music and performers.


About the film:

From the Heart of Odessa has been screened at international filmfestivals in The Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, Israel, Sweden, Germany, Poland and Hungary. The film is broadcasted at documentary channels in Israel and Hungary.


Алена ван дер Хорст

About the director:

Andre Schreuders is filmmaker, philosopher and as consultant in urban panning. Since 2001 he works on developing his own film language as screenwriter, director, cameraman and editor of poetic and philosophical films.




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Hermitage Dwellers Hermitage Dwellers

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