Hermitage Dwellers
Hermitage Dwellers


Director: Johan Zielstra
50 min., 2009, rus.


2010, 17 april, Saint-Petersburg


Twenty years after the end of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, a group of Russian veterans is looking back at what they called the “Land of Wonders”, despite the immense human tragedy. At the same time, the Afghan people are still suffering from yet another war. The mysterious and colourful “Land of Wonders” only lives on in the minds of the Russians. The war is still real. Filmed in Afghanistan and Russia, the documentary shows that in the midst of human suffering, there is room for both Russians and Afghans to look at the beauty of the Land of Wonders.


About the film:

The documentary Afghanistan, Land of Wonders was shown several times on the Dutch TV channel “Geschiedenis 24”. Several fragment s were also shown on one of the main current affairs TV programme “NOVA” and on the “Russia 1” TV channel. In the Netherlands, the documentary was screened at a debate organised by the University of Groningen. In Russia, it was shown at events organised by the Frontline Club in the cities of Moscow, Novgorod and St. Petersburg.


Алена ван дер Хорст

About the director:

Johan Zielstra is working for Chronoscoop Film and Photography. Educated as a historian, he has so far produced three documentaries, all related to Russia.





Hermitage Dwellers Hermitage Dwellers

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