Hermitage Dwellers
Hermitage Dwellers


Director: Renger van den Heuvel
56 min., 2008, rus.



17 december, Moscow

18 april, Saint-Petersburg



12, 13, 15, 17 april, Saint-Petersburg


In 1980 the world’s biggest sport event is for the first time ever organized in a socialistic country: the Soviet Union. Moscow is host of 22nd Olympic Games, just as the Cold War reaches another height, after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The Moscow Games end up being boycotted by more than 60 countries.
Against this background VICTORY portrays six former Soviet citizens as individuals finding their own way through Soviet society. They are into art, into sport, into big city life or into religious philosophy. Their stories form a varied pattern that tells the audience more than the cliché’s about Soviet society. For the authorities – in the meantime - everything seems under control. Moscow has been turned into a Potemkin Village. Until the ‘not officially allowed’ singer Vladimir Vyssotsky suddenly dies, during the Games, and the people of Moscow want to pay their last respect to their hero. By bringing back this 1980 period now, also a picture of today’s Moscow and its inhabitants (old and young) emerges, showing the differences and the similiarities between now and then, between the Soviet Union and Russia.


About the film:

VICTORY has been screened at international film festivals in The Netherlands, Russia, UK, Georgia and Italy and furthermore at Kino Krokodil in Berlin, Germany. Victory was also screened at VPRO History Channel in The Netherlands. The film received the Bronze Award at the the international film festival of Lipetsk, Russia.


Алена ван дер Хорст

About the director:

Renger van den Heuvel lived and worked as a publisher in Moscow in 90’s. ‘Victory’ is his debute.



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Hermitage Dwellers Hermitage Dwellers Hermitage Dwellers

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